Nov 10

SYA - Online mentoring

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Online mentoring is an efficient method with a wide range of possible applications - whether in recruiting a diverse workforce, for the further development of one's own employees or in the area of corporate volunteering to support external target groups. This is how global connections and flexible knowledge exchange can succeed.

We have the following programs available:

1. eCareer: developing key skills for a job application (7 sessions)
The sessions support young people (or women) in preparing for the job search and application process with practical models and application plans.

HAT IS eCAREER and eCareer - Women For Women (W4W) ?
eCAREER (EN/DE) is a digital mentorship program that focuses on helping mentees to develop skills and preapare themselves to land a job and enter the workforce!

You will be matched 1:1 with a mentor from multinational companies. Mentors are experienced employees who volunteer to support you. You will meet with them every 1-2 weeks to learn new skills.

Female mentees may select Women For Women mentoring program, should you wish to be matched female mentors.

2. eStart A1.1/A1.2: German as a foreign language (10 sessions each)
The content supports refugees alongside their regular beginner language course by providing situational contexts and in-depth language practice exercises.

3. eStart B1: German as a foreign language (5 sessions)
The content supports refugees alongside their regular advanced language course by providing situational contexts and in-depth language practice exercises.

WAS IST eStart (A1/B1)?
eStart (A1/B1) ist ein Online-Mentoring-Programm, das Geflüchtete mit engagierten Mitarbeitenden aus der Wirtschaft per Video-Chat und mittels eingebetteter eLearning Materialien verbindet. Ziel des Projekts ist es Geflüchteten hier in Deutschland zu helfen, sich mehr zu Hause zu fühlen und sich im Alltag besser zurechtzufinden.

Mentor:innen sind Mitarbeitende aus Multinationalen Unternehmen in Deutschland, die Deutsch auf C1- Niveau sprechen oder Muttersprachler:innen.

Mentees sind hochmotivierte Geflüchtete, die an einem Deutsch- oder Integrationskurs teilnehmen und einen sprachlichen und kulturellen Austausch mit Mitarbeitenden in Deutschland suchen.

• You are fluent in English or German.
• You have access to a private device (laptop, PC, tablet/iPad) and a stable internet connection.
• You are enthusiastic and communicative. Reliable communication with your mentor is one of the key elements contributing to the success of mentorship.
• You are keen on gaining insights into the working world, eager to gain new perspectives, and are looking for support in preparing for job applications and career orientation.